The Cruel Consequences Of Actions, Reaction and Inaction

  The Cruel Consequences Of Actions, Reaction and Inaction: The cruel reality and harsh lessons that the Christian world and all of mankind must come to terms with, is the fact that when you begin to build the thought structure of your thinking on the foundation of erroneous assumptions, it is important to recognize the fact that this very same counterfeit foundation makes it impossible to arrive at the doorstep of Truth and Higher Reality.    That which is defiled, impure, corrupted and incomplete, cannot replace what is portrayed as the “good ground” that is necessary in the parable of the Sower and the Seed.   Foundational error cannot give birth to Higher Truth!!!    If the foundation is defective, then everything built upon that foundation is equally unstable.   In the example of the parable, those who heard the Word of God — and whose mindset was representative of a lifestyle that could not bring forth the necessary spiritual fruit — all failed to bring about the next stage of birth that provided them entrance to the Inner Kingdom.   So, to even suggest that the modern doctrine of the Church where one’s actions have no consequences after calling upon the name of the Lord, is simply one of the many lies of the god of this world, that Jesus warned would cause the believer to stumble and fall.

In order to correct the error of what is built upon a defective foundation, the foundational flaws must first be corrected, if any progress is to be accomplished.   What does this mean to the reader?   If it is true that the scriptures were written by Mystics who composed their sacred writings in the allegorical language of the soul, then those who attempt to interpret these scriptures as if they were historical accounts, will always remain in absolute error with respect to their interpretations.    And in like manner, if, in fact all of Creation is written in this same language that these Mystics used to mirror their sacred writings in order to use them as a guide book that Enlightens the sincere seeker to their own higher soul and spiritual reality — a higher reality that remains an enigma to the lost prodigal sons and daughters even today — then all science and philosophy that is built upon a different foundational model, will be equally in error.    

The scriptures were written by Essene and Ebionite Mystics who were highly evolved spiritual men and women who walked with God.   These sacred writings — some of which are contained in the Bible today — were written by Mystics, written primarily for seekers of the Mystic Path — a Path that opens the inner door of the mind that permits the disciple to be “…taught by God” (John 6:45 NIV).   And, unless what Jesus portrayed as the Key of Knowledge is applied to the interpretation of the scriptures, it will remain impossible for the reader to perceive and comprehend what is truly written beneath the cloak of allegory.    All three western religions — i.e., Judaism, Christianity and Islam — have all equally thrown away the Key of Knowledge, and the blind shepherds of each respective religion, equally guide their followers into the proverbial ditch of profound ignorance of this world.  

Once the objective of the scriptures is understood, and the Key of Knowledge properly applied, the scriptures have no real relevance from an historical perspective — i.e., but rather, scriptures use what appears to be historical, as a cloak to set before men the minor mysteries of mind and being, and the Laws that control all events in this world — revealing sacred knowledge that is necessary to know, in order to prevail in this life.    The objective of the scriptures and the knowledge that enables the seeker/disciple to prevail, is to become Whole and escape the conditions of ignorance that equally envelops all of mankind.   Therefore, even when the scriptures appear to be portraying an historical event, what appears historical is merely a means to provide a cloak for the essential esoteric truths that are contained within the body of the text — and the written word of the text is presented as merely the outer garb that preserves and conceals the sacred knowledge for those who are able to utilize this knowledge in their own life.    In the case of the Gospels, once the inner spiritual meaning is recognized, there is absolutely no difference between the inner spiritual meaning of the Gospels, and the Jewish Torah which is part of the Old Testament.   In fact, the very term Old Testament is a canard — i.e., a lie — because the Torah is not only totally relevant today, but when the garb of the allegorical language is lifted, the Old Testament states the same exact truths and teachings as those writings which are called the New Testament.   

The historical man Jesus was himself a Mystic — a Mystic who so fulfilled the Law within himself, that he overcame all levels of division, and became One with the Indwelling Logos/Son of God.   Jesus having prevailed, then taught others to follow the mystical path of TheWay.    Having himself prevailed over the Laws — becoming the “firstborn among many brethren” (Rom 8:29 KJV) — he then taught and revealed to his brothers the means for them to travail in TheWay, and bring about the subsequent stages of birth necessary for them to be restored as a “little one” in the Kingdom of God.  

Once properly understood from the perspective of the original foundational teachings and concepts, the objective of the teachings of TheWay is embodied in the picture of the seeker at the right who must struggle to overcome this world, in order to gain entrance into the Celestial Kingdom which Jesus taught was within all of mankind (see Gate Of Eden).    That mankind is unaware of both this inner Kingdom, as well as the higher reality of his own immortal soul — and ultimately the indwelling Logos/Son of God — is because man dwells in what Jesus portrayed as the “outer darkness” of mind and being that causes man to be blind to his own higher soul reality.   Mankind overcomes the“outer darkness” of what is portrayed as the Far Country in the parable of the prodigal son, by travailing in what Jesus called the teachings of TheWay — travailing through the necessary subsequent stages of birth — and this spiritual and mystical path enables the disciple of TheWay to fulfill the requirement of Wholeness, which is the requirement that Jesus taught was necessary to enter into the Kingdom.  

@@@@Enlightened disciples who escape the constraints of what Paul portrayed as the god of this world, are able to receive the Divine Manna of the Kingdom — which is experiential knowledge which, in the Greek language, is known as Gnosis.   By using this esoteric spiritual knowledge, the prodigal sons and daughters become aware that man’s physical birth was merely the initial stage of birth — and that each succeeding level of soul-birth, spiritual-birth, as well as the final journey of the prodigal son’s return to the Kingdom, must be accomplished while still alive in the physical body-vessel.  

Posing the question: Why is man subject to these subsequent levels of birth?   Man’s full potential is far greater than even his imagination can envision — and to achieve the fullness of this great potential, each level of being must be manifest though its own process of birth — incrementally supported by the development of the previous level.   It is impossible to build a great mansion of many levels, without first building the lower levels that are necessary to support the top floor.   A great House that reaches up into the sky above the ground, must be supported by the proper foundation — as well as subsequent levels of structure.    In the same way that man is barred and inhibited from building the upper levels of a house, until the foundation and lower levels are first constructed and put into place — lower levels which are necessary to support the upper levels — and it is impossible to even see the upper levels until the lower levels have been built — the same reality is true with respect to the requirements of Law that enables man to build his own House of body, mind/soul and spirit.    In the same way that a builder uses a blueprint to envision and lay out the structure that he has yet to build, the spiritual seeker/disciple uses the scriptures as a blueprint and guide to form the structure of his House.   And it is this Living body-temple that must be assembled and built, that is allegorically presented in the scriptures — i.e., in the words of Paul: “…as Moses was divinely instructed when he was about to make the tabernacle. For He said, ‘See that you make all things according to the pattern shown you on the mountain'” (Heb 8:5 NKJ).    And in the same way that the Lord revealed to the craftsmen the necessary knowledge to build in accord with the image of the pattern, this important Esoteric Knowledge/Gnosis has been preserved by the Mystic authors to be used in the future by those wise visionaries who are Approved (Anointed) by the Lord. 

Thus, each level of birth requires Wholeness with respect to the subsequent levels of being, in order to evolve to it’s own level of fullness and maturity.   And while man can create a blueprint or draw a picture of what he wants his house to look like, it remains impossible to build the house until each supporting level is put into place.    And once properly understood, the scriptures are in fact a blueprint of the levels of body, mind, soul, spirit and being that must be brought to Fullness and Wholeness, in order for man to evolve the House of his Soul to its full potential.    And in the same way that if a person attempts to build a great sky scraper that reaches into the heavens, that there are building codes that must be satisfied in order to preserve the structure from collapse, the Laws of God inhibit man from building upon a flawed and faulty lower-level structure.    While man is free to model and decorate his House in accord with the uniqueness of his soul, if the structure of the house is not built according to code — i.e., the Spiritual Code of the Laws — the tests of the forces of The Laws of Nature and Natures God will turn his efforts into rubble.

Is this fair?   Is it fair that a sky scrapper or great house must be built to code so that the upper floors are properly supported by the foundational superstructure?   Is it fair that man institutes government to insure that the individual rights of the people are protected?   Is it fair that a man passes tests and demonstrates his ability to drive a vehicle, before he is permitted to drive that vehicle on the road with other people?   Is if fair that if a man violates the laws which ensure the wellbeing and protection of others, that a force exists which inhibits him from harming others.   If a man invades the home of another — inflicting harm and distress on other people — is it unfair that forces and measures be put into place, which inhibit him from continuing to bring harm to the innocent who choose to live in peace?   That man’s laws are a shadow of the Higher Laws which regulate all of life in this realm, is the higher reality that all of mankind must come to terms with.   And finally, unlike the institutions of man that are flawed and easily corrupted — subjugating and often enslaving the very people they are intended to protect — no one is exempt or above the Higher Laws of God.     

In the same way that, in order to be born into this world, the genetic structure and DNA of the fetus must be able to support the fullness of life in this realm — and a genetically flawed embryo either miscarries, or is born with a deformity or birth defect — each level of birth must be supported by Wholeness and Fullness of each previous stage of being.    Mystics and Spiritually Advanced Souls are those who have themselves completed certain necessary levels of their own House — and to the degree that each has developed, these men and women recognize that while the Laws of Creation are imbued with the objective to bring these subsequent stages of birth about, because man has freewill, he can perpetually delay fulfilling the objective of the Laws, and remain as portrayed in the parable of the prodigal son — forever a victim of the Consciousness of this realm — a Consciousness that is often called the god of this world, and is portrayed in the parable of the prodigal son as the Citizen of the Far Country.   The soul who lived as the historical Jesus, was the first to complete all levels of his being — fulfilling all the Laws that were put into place from the Alpha of Creation — and because he accomplished this Absolute Fulfillment of the Laws, he became the pattern for all of mankind to follow.    In building in accord with the Divine Pattern, the historical Jesus became the pattern for all of his brothers and sisters to embrace and follow.  

In the recently discovered Dead Sea Scrolls we are presented with the conflict between the Sons of Light, and the sons of darkness — and what is portrayed is both the inner and outer struggle that has consumed all of mankind since he first stepped foot upon the surface of the earth.   While the Sons of Light are those of the Right Hand who seek the Inner Kingdom and a return to Eden (see ), the sons of darkness are of the Left Hand, and they ignorantly dwell under the dominion of the god and consciousness of the earth.     And in recognition of this fact, many Mystics have embraced the Monastic mindset of denial — realizing that man’s addictions to his sensual appetites enslave and imprison him in a world of illusion and ignorance.   And while they are not wrong, there is an important higher reality to the equation that they remain totally unaware of.    While it is true that their detachment from the addictions of the lower nature and the things of this world enable them to gaze at the Source of Light that enters their mind and body through the higher spiritual centers of the body, they fail to realize that these same sensual appetites possess the very power to make them Complete — and become true Beings of Light.    Thus, in failing to recognize that God did not create these addictive appetites to enslave — but rather, to evolve, empower and set free — the Mystics of a monastic mindset merely make themselves slaves to an opposite paradoxical reality.   And while what they say with respect to the shackles of man’s untamed addictive appetites is true, in their failure to consciously evolve those same appetites, they merely make themselves slaves to an opposite paradoxical reality that is just as addictive and limiting.     

When the allegory of the Gospels are rightly understood, what we have is the conflict between the Sons of Light and Darkness taken to a new level — and this conflict is the portrayal of the counterfeit Children of Israel as personified in the carnal Jews as represented in the Pharisees and Sadducees, and Spiritual Israel as personified by Yeshua/Jesus and his disciples.   While the Gospel accounts appear to be historical, these accounts never really happened, and they employ the garb of history in the endeavor to preserve and conceal essential esoteric truths that must be known by those Sons of Light attempting to escape the clutches of the organic consciousness of the earth, which the man known as the Apostle Paul portrayed as the god of this world.   A consciousness of the earth which Jesus called the Citizen of the Far Country who enslaves the lost prodigal sons and daughters of the Kingdom.    And if we ask: Why would the authors of the scriptures conceal sacred truths in the garb of quasi-historical accounts — the most of which never historically happened?   Because, even it it were possible to literally write these sacred truths that are concealed within the allegory of the scriptures, they would neither be understood by organic man — and as evidenced in man’s past, the writings would immediately be destroyed as heresy.  

Jesus warned that his true disciples would be hunted down and murdered, and this has remained historically true during every period since.    In the same way that the Jewish sects of the Pharisees and Sadducees represent an allegorical portrayal of the sons of darkness who reject TheWay of the Light, even in our own time the vast majority of man’s religious institutions not only stand in opposition to the Sons of Light, but they continue to persecute the Sons and Daughters of the Kingdom as heretics.     If the Gospels were rewritten today, it is the many sects of Christianity who would rightfully be portrayed as the Pharisees and Sadducees who opposed and even crucify Messiah/Christ.    And in the same way that in the allegory of the Gospels, the carnal Jews induced the secular powers of government in the personification of Rome to murder Messiah/Christ, history constantly repeats itself — even in our own time as pseudo-religion politically pulls the reigns of government to inhibit and even destroy those seeking to walk in TheWay.      And the counterfeit religious leaders who are the authorities of the churches, the synagogues and the mosques which represent the shadow temples of the god of this world, accomplish this persecution of the Children of Light through a series of lies which they promulgate for the purpose of self-empowerment, political power and personal wealth, and the continuance of the way of spiritual ignorance and darkness.  

If Christians understood the true meaning of their own Gospels, they would be horrified!   In our present day, those who crucify Christ, are the very Churches which proclaim to be the followers of Jesus.   And while they do much good in the world — and in many ways represent a force of good and a message of salvation — this good is severely limited by virtue of the manmade doctrines of belief which they cling to.   In the same way that preschool has proven to be beneficial for many young children, if these same children were inhibited from moving beyond that very elementary level of development and knowledge, then what is seen as good would also be a constraining force of evil because of the limitations that it imposes.   While elementary school is necessary in order to lay the proper foundation, those who forcefully constrain the people not to move beyond the elementary level of development, make themselves a force of evil.  

What is truly sad in our own time is the fact that many scientists on the cutting edge of man’s search for truth, have proven the validity of the vision of the Mystic — and therefore have proven the validity of the esoteric truths that have been preserved and concealed within the garb of the allegorical historical accounts in the Gospels and scriptures.   The fact that few people today realize, is that Science Has Proven Religion.   Thus, while for largely political and cultural reasons, our educational systems continue to promote junk science that supports the holy grail of Atheism, an inner core of scientists have proven the Bible and religion to be true — but not the religion of the shadow churches, synagogues, mosques and temples of this world which stand in opposition to the Kingdom of God.    And while this article will present The Three Lies of Western Religion that shackles seekers to the abyss of spiritual ignorance, it will also present the hoax that is being perpetrated in the name of science, and used in the continued persecution of true seekers and the Children of the Light.    @@@

  Modern Black Plague: In the same way that man in the Middle Ages believed himself enlightened when he killed all the cats as the embodiment of devils — which brought upon man the harsh and cruel sufferings of the Black Plague — the Plague was unleashed upon man via the Laws (of God) as a result of man’s actions, and a similar Black Plague consumes mankind in the present.   The difference is that while the Black Plague in the Middle Ages was physical, the Black Plague in the present is the embodiment of a disease of the mind that mentally kills and invokes great suffering and conflict upon the people — shackling them to a profound state of ignorance, while they dwell under the delusion of pseudo-intellectualism.   

In the below article it will not only be proven that the doctrines of belief which are championed by man’s shadow churches and religious institutions have nothing in common with the scriptures and the teachings of Jesus and TheWay, but we will utilize the findings of modern quantum physics to demonstrate that the junk-science that is being taught in our schools and universities, is merely a modern version of pseudo-intellectuals killing the demon-cats — the results of which is immersing the people in the abyss of absolute ignorance, while driving them insane.   “He who does not remember history is condemned to repeat it” (Georges Santayana) — and while in our present phase the disease may appear different to the unenlightened mind that does not understand the Laws and its phases, the present Black Plague of the mind is not much different than the Black Plague of the past that invoked so great a suffering and death upon mankind.