The Three Lies

The Lie Of Judaism: That Yeshua/Jesus was not A Messiah!

The Lie Of Christianity: That Yeshua/Jesus was God Incarnate!

The Lie Of Islam: That Yeshua/Jesus Said Another Was Yet To Come

The Lie That Science Knows The Truth

And Religion Is Folklore And Superstition

Where Does The Truth Lie?

God Desires You To Build The Final Temple

Within Your Own Body-Mind

But The Religions Of Judaism, Christianity and Islam

All Obstruct It’s Creation

Even Worse, is the Pseudo-Intellectualism of

The Modern Secular-Progressives

Who Promote Marxism and Socialism



A Confrontation With A Long Ignored Reality – While scholars and believers alike hold almost countless opinions as to the meaning of the scriptures, to their own detriment they overlook the most important part of the equation — i.e., the scriptures are exactly what the original authors intended them to be.   It is an ever-looming and grave fact that, because both believers and critic alike all fail to understand the nature of the scriptures from the vision of the original authors, the scriptures remain a perpetual enigma to nearly all who open them.   The bottom line is this: That it makes little difference as to what YOU believe the nature of the scriptures are, if you fail to understand the sacred writings from the same perception and understanding as the original authors who composed them.   Thus, before you can even begin to understand the true meaning of the scriptures, you must first come to understand the original objectives of the authors.   And in this respect, a few facts to consider is that the scriptures were written by Mystics who possessed a Knowledge that the biblical authors portrayed as incomprehensible to the congregation of believers — whose higher vision of what they portrayed as Essential Truths, was outlawed as heresy — which forced them to use a special CODE which they portrayed as the Key of Knowledge, which permitted them to both preserve and conceal their Spiritual Truths from the eyes and understanding of the ordinary reader and believer — who would condemn and reject the Great Truths that were preserved beneath the cloak of the text of the written word which Paul portrayed as “the letter that killeth”.  

From the perspective of a long ignored reality, there are a number of important points that each person must come to terms with:  (1) In the first place, the scriptures are not historical narratives — and when understood within their original context, they possess virtually little to no historical value whatsoever.   And in view of the fact that nearly everyone who opens the scriptures all equally throw away the Key of Knowledge, they all remain blind to the true meaning.   (2) Secondly, the scriptures are composed by mystics who would be deemed heretics if they spoke openly about what they knew and witnessed as truth — and even then, most of these very same mystics have been perpetually hunted down and murdered.  (3) The authors of the scriptures were Gnostics — and the true meaning of the word Gnosis (see Gnosis) which was declared to be heresy by the Church of Rome, is the Divine Manna or Knowledge of the Kingdom which can only be revealed directly from God to those who could receive it.   Therefore, the primary objective of the scriptures is to conceal and preserve esoteric truths for fellow sincere seekers both in the present, and even more importantly in the future.  (4) The objective of Mysticism is to circumvent the very limited knowledge of this world, and position themselves to receive Gnosis (Spiritual Knowledge) directly from God — and all true mystics and Gnostics must understand the evolution of the soul over the course of many lifetimes.    While it is true that we were all Created equal — it is also an undeniable fact that in the case of man, equal is not the same — and each of us is the product of our past experiences that have developed us since the very dawn of Creation itself.   What this means is that the mystic authors write what man calls scriptures, so that when their souls return to this world, the sacred writings will be preserved for them to renew and restore their spirituality, so they can continue their soul-journey from where they left off in the previous cycle of physical life.  (5) This last primary requirement means that they must compose the body of the scriptures in such a way, that the carnal people of this world whose thinking, mindset and lifestyle remain under the control of what Jesus portrayed as the Citizen of this world (The Far Country), will unknowingly preserve the sacred writings.   Thus, out of necessity, the Gnostic/Mystic uses the blind ignorance of the common people who remain entangled in the “outer darkness” (see Outer Darkness), to act as a (drug) mule or unwitting carrier — and this preservation of a body of secret esoteric knowledge is necessary because the Citizen of the Far Country (aka the god of this world) would induce the people under his control to destroy and/or corrupt the scriptures.  (6) It is therefore important to recognize that the biblical authors were correct in their assertion that the people of this world who remain under the dominion of the Citizen of the Far County, cannot understand the higher reality of the soul and what Jesus portrayed as the (esoteric) knowledge of the Kingdom of God — which Paul openly states they will reject as utter“foolishness” (see Mystery Of The Gospel).   (7) In view of the fact that the carnal people — even those who are baptized and committed believers — can’t utilize the esoteric knowledge — this inability to understand along with the threat of annihilation because of the charge of heresy, forces the authors of the scriptures to act in a way not at all understood by the congregation of believers.   In the example of Paul who references himself as an ambassador in bonds who cannot speak about what he knows openly — openly warning the congregation of believers that he had himself taught, that if he did in fact speak to them openly about the Spiritual Gospel, they would reject what he said as utter “foolishness” (see Mystery Of The Gospel).    Further, Paul explains that because it was declared from On High to be “unlawful” to reveal to the faith-based believers the Spiritual Gospel of Christ and the Mysteries of the Kingdom (see Gnostic Spiritual Dilemma), there are two doctrines — i.e., one for the immature congregation of believers who are incapable of comprehending the higher reality of the soul and the Mysteries of the Kingdom — and the other which can only be spiritually received directly from the Mind of God (Logos/Son Of God/True Prophet). 


The Lie Of Judaism: That Yeshua/Jesus was not A Messiah!

The Lie Of Christianity: That Yeshua/Jesus was God Incarnate!

The Lie Of Islam: That Yeshua/Jesus Said Another Was Yet To Come

The above statement pertaining to the historical Yeshua/Jesus being A Messiah — rather than The (only) Messiah — not only acknowledges the statement by Martin Buber that there is always a Messiah in the earth — but also the Ebionite (see ) teaching that the true purpose of the teachings of Yeshua/Jesus and TheWay, was to make all the lost prodigal sons and daughters Spiritual Israel — and Messianic Priests and a Holy Nation that would manifest the Final Temple within the life of all mankind.   Buber wrote that direct dialogue between man and God, created a relationship that transcended traditional Jewish ideology.   Buber wrote that “There is no statement about God, which does not at the same time state something about man”.   But the statement of Martin Buber is in essence no different than that of St. Nazianzen who stated that those who imitate the pattern and walk in TheWay that Jesus taught, that the objective of these teachings reveals to us our true nature, and the revelation of this manifest Sacred Knowledge makes “…us like God; so that when we have thus become like Himself, God may, to use a bold expression, hold converse with us as Gods, being united to us, and that perhaps to the same extent as He already knows those who are known to Him” (see ). 

Martin Buber once posed the question: “Where does God live?”   And while the Jewish scholars who were in attendance answered that “The world is full of his glory”.   Buber correctly answered: “God lives, where he is let in”.   Buber once told a Protestant Pastor that “we Jews understood Yeshua in a way you (Gentiles) never will!”   According to Buber, no one in history ever had a closer relationship to God than did the historical Jesus.  But few understand what Jesus truly taught — which was that to let the Fullness of God in, it is imperative that the person manifest what is portrayed as the Final Temple within themselves.     And this is what Yeshua/Jesus taught — i.e., not to engage in idolatry and worship him in the manner of a pagan — but rather, to imitate the pattern and pick up one’s own cross, and travail in TheWay.   

In the Essence of their religious practice and objectives, it can be said that the inner spiritual core of Judaism totally believes in Yeshua/Jesus and his teachings — and they see him as having ushered in a New Messianic Age of the Final Temple which is Spiritual and Living.   But because few Jews can comprehend even the religious objectives of Judaism — add to this the factor of Christian Roman Paganism which has alienated the Gentiles from the original and true teachings of Jesus and TheWay — and this inner core of spiritual Judaism that knows the Truth, is unable to even acknowledge the historical Jesus as a Messiah.   The result is that the adoption of manmade pagan doctrines of belief by the Church of Rome, has in fact alienated the world from the primary objectives of what Jesus actually taught.   In their thinking and lifestyle, the Church daily crucifies Christ, as Paul warned in the words that they “…commit apostasy, since they crucify the Son of God on their own account and hold him up to contempt.. For if we sin deliberately after receiving the knowledge of the truth, there no longer remains a sacrifice for sins, but a fearful prospect of judgment, and a fury of fire which will consume the adversaries.” (Heb 6:4-6;10:26-27 RSV).   In their idolatry of the worship of Jesus as a pagan sacrifice for the perpetual redemption of sin even after coming to the knowledge of the Truth and TheWay, the Church “…holds him up to contempt”.

The fact that neither the Jews understand what Yeshua/Jesus taught regarding the reality of the Messiah and the spiritual objectives of the Torah — and the fact that the Christ of the Christian world is totally foreign to Judaism because it is immersed in Roman Paganism, and has only alienated all the lost prodigal sons from the Truth and the Kingdom — those who should be the guides for lost seekers, are the very people who alienate mankind from the knowledge of their own true higher self, God, and the Kingdom.   In the same way that in the allegory of the Torah, Moses (the Law) brought them through the wilderness of this world, and it was that vibration and higher reality of mind which in the scriptures is portrayed as Joshua (Yeshua/Jesus) — and it is this reality of manifest mind that in the Torah, was required to take the Children of Israel across the Jordan and into the Promised Land — the scriptures speak of inner realities of body, mind/soul and spirit that each of us must bring about within us.   And in a comparison of the true spiritual meaning of both the Old and New Testaments, the Apostle Peter in the Clementine Homilies confirms that they are both the same — i.e., “Moreover, if any one has been thought worthy to recognize both as preaching one doctrine, that man has been counted rich in God, understanding both the old things as new in time, and the new things as old.” (see Things Christians Don’t Tell Jews About The New Testament).  Therefore, it is only man’s ignorance with respect to his own religious teachings that is responsible for the conflict between the three religions — and world peace cannot be achieved, because of The Three Lies promoted by each of the religions of Judaism, Christianity and Islam.   That Martin Buber is correct, and that a Messiah is always present in the earth, is not recognized because of the sectarian ignorance promoted by the doctrines of all three religions.   That the spiritual core of Judaism believes that the historical Yeshua/Jesus, as a Messiah who ushered in the Final Temple, cannot be acknowledged because of the paganism of Christianity and the idolatry of the Church in the worship of Jesus as God in accord with the doctrines of the Emperor Constantine.   Moreover, this same idolatry not only was instrumental in the creation of Islam, but is the very reason why Muslims view Christians as worshiping a false god.   But Islam itself has fallen victim to the same corrupting forces of this world, and has become the catalyst that has fueled the fires of dissension and hypocrisy that has alienated all three religions from the True Spiritual Objectives and Goals of the Torah, the New Testament, as well as the Qur’an.   And because of the Spiritual Apostasy of all three religions, the Laws of God have in fact brought about the present world conflict, because each of the three religions are themselves spiritually blind to their own Essence.