C2.12: The Great Allegory Of Mind And Matter

The Great Allegory Of Mind And Matter: In one of the most ignored Gospel statements we are not only portrayed as the offspring of God, but as dwelling within the Mind of God — i.e., “‘For in him we live and move and have our being.’ As some of your own poets have said, ‘We are his offspring’” (Acts 17:28 NIV).    Put this together with the above statement by  James Jeans that: “…the universe begins to look more like a great thought than like a great machine”.    Or the words of Arthur Eddington:  “The stuff of the universe is mind-stuff”.  And you have portrayed a higher reality that few are even prepared to contemplate — much less, understand with sufficient degree to even form a realistic opinion.    Further, if you attempted to convey this reality to the common man of the first century, they would very much reject what you are saying as “foolishness” — much like most of mankind today.    When the first century elder Ignatius wrote to the Christian congregation of believers that “Might I not write to you things more full of mystery?  But I fear to do so, lest I should inflict injury on you who are babes.  Pardon me in this respect, lest, as not being able to receive their weighty import, ye should be strangled by them” — he said this because if he was to begin to even convey the truth and reality of man’s higher soul and spiritual nature and the Kingdom, these Christians would very quickly dismiss him as a crazy lunatic, and would no longer listen to a thing that he says.   Therefore, Ignatius, as with all the biblical authors (see Mystery), understood that the mind of the believer must be matured — the dormant spheres of mind that do not correspond to this physical world must become activated and developed — in order for the believer to begin to perceive and grasp his own higher soul and spiritual reality.   And this expansion of organic human conscious beyond normal physical limits is what is portrayed in the process: “Whom will he teach knowledge? And whom will he make to understand the message? Those just weaned from milk? Those just drawn from the breasts? For precept must be upon precept, precept upon precept, line upon line, line upon line, here a little, there a little” (Isa 28:9-10 NKJ).    In the same way that an infant grows into a child and adult one step at a time, so too does the process of mental-expansion take place line upon line.  

Perhaps the key to bridging the visionary perception of the Gnostic Mystic who authored the scriptures, with that of modern cyberneticist David Foster who described “an intelligent universe” whose apparent concreteness is generated by cosmic data from an unknowable, organized source, is in beginning to understand why we see allegorical images.   The reality of the holographic theory says that: “…our brains mathematically construct hard reality by interpreting frequencies from a dimension transcending time and space.   The brain is a hologram, interpreting a holographic universe.”   And only then can we begin to grasp why Jesus stated that organic man dwells in the “outer darkness” of mind and being (see Outer Darkness ), and why Plato portrayed man as dwelling in a type of Cave of Illusion (see Illusions ).   And the answer is provided in the above words that: “…our brains mathematically construct hard reality by interpreting frequencies from a dimension transcending time and space.”    Explaining that our “…brain is a hologram, interpreting a holographic universe.”  

What this means is that we dwell in a Great Mind — and based upon the frequencies of thought that we perceive and interact with our physical senses, our brains interpret these frequencies in the allegorical forms that we perceive as being concrete matter.   Each aspect of thought is represented by a (universal) symbol that our brains interpret in the form that we observe when we look out at the world.   But if we pose the question: Is what we see concrete matter?   And why are these forms in the outer world said to be an illusion?   What we are in fact seeing is animated thought-generated symbols — i.e., thoughts that our brains (organic consciousness) interpret in the context of an allegorical symbol that we perceive as the shapes and forms that our physical consciousness interprets in the appearance and meaning that we see it as.   Thus, the words of Karl Pribram in the February 1979 Psychology Today interview where it is stated that: “It isn’t that the world of appearances is wrong; it isn’t that there aren’t objects out there, at one level of reality.  It’s that if you penetrate through and look at the universe with a holographic system, you arrive at a different reality, one that can explain things that have hitherto remained scientifically inexplicable: paranormal phenomena… synchronicities, the apparently meaningful coincidence of events”.   In the words that “It isn’t that the world of appearances is wrong…” — what is being conveyed is that what you see — or think you see — in the outer world of appearances, is thought portrayed in an allegorical form that permits the people stuck in the limitations of this realm, to interact with a higher reality (of mind) that is beyond their conception — and even beyond their wildest imaginations.  

We dwell in a world of mental imagery — a world where aspects of mind are impressed into the forums of nature — and while the forms with which these images are imbued are cast by Universal Mind — because each of us is under a different sequence of Laws by virtue of the fragment our mind is polarized to within the spheres of the Tree of Life, we then perceive the forms of mental imagery from an often uniquely different and sometimes opposite perspective than what is perceived and understood from another person.    This segmented perspective which is responsible for what we can portray as the Tower of Babel Syndrome with which organic man is imbued, causes man to not only understand the allegorical accounts of the scriptures differently, but also the mental imagery of the outer physical world itself — as explored in the foregoing, and presented to us in the 90th Chapter of the Gospel of the Nazirenes where it is stated: “The One truth has many sides, and one sees one side only, another, and some see more than others, according as it is given to them. Behold this crystal; how the one light is manifest in twelve faces, yea four times twelve, and each face reflects one ray of light, and one regards one face, and another, another, but it is the one crystal, and the one light that shines in all…”  

Therefore, each person not only has a unique perspective of the universal symbols of mind as expressed in the mental imagery of the forms impressed into Nature — but each person’s perception is further narrowed by (1) what sphere of mind they are polarized to; (2) the Laws they were /are born under; (3) gender; (4) the filter of race; (5) the cultural influences of their present life; (6) the influence of religion and philosophy; (7) each persons personal level of mental evolution they have achieved over the course of the past lives their higher soul-self has lived.   The result is that what each person sees and evaluates in the outer world, more often than not is a reflection of that persons own mind and thinking.   And it is through this interaction with a reflected image and imagery of their own mind, that forces each persons growth and development through the interactions of life which are brought about by the Laws that have created each person’s learning curriculum of life — with the objective being to force each individual into mental interactions which not only serve the individual needs of each person, but bring about that person’s own evolutionary development of mind.    

The scriptures are nothing more than an extension of the holographic imagery of mind impressed into nature in the form of an allegory which is intended to assist the disciple to escape the illusions of this world — i.e., the “outer darkness” of Plato’s Cave.   Thus, the second saying of the Gospel of Thomas: “Let the one who seeks not stop seeking until he finds; and when he finds, he will be agitated. When he is agitated he will be amazed, and he will rule over everything.”   He will be amazed, because absolutely nothing that we see is concrete or even real — and it is merely thought-images that are allegorically animated into forms and symbols that represent the reflected thought which each of us is often uniquely interacting with — ultimately, reflecting back to us an aspect of our own mind and being.   And in overcoming this world of illusion — i.e., escaping Plato’s Cave (see Plato’s Cave ) — or, entering through the inner “narrow gate” that Jesus taught (see http://GateOfEden.com ) — one is able to enter the higher reality of the soul-self, and see and perceive the source of all things. 

When we listen to a voice on a telephone, we are not hearing the actual voice — but rather, the telephone reproduces the frequencies that have been generated in the analogue wire connection, into a voice that our ears can hear.   When we listen to a recording, the source of the music is a series of frequencies imprinted into a CD.   When we watch a DVD, our televisions are reproducing both sound and picture from frequencies that have been imprinted upon a disk.   Similarly, the true source of what we see in this world is a frequency of thought that is projected into an allegorical image of the thought that this image represents.   Thus, we see and interact with allegorically animated thoughts that our brains interpret as being concrete matter.    Yet, our true self — i.e., our higher soul-self that exists in an inner parallel realm — sees and understands all things as they truly are.  

The organic mind of man remains under the delusion of what can be portrayed as the Tower of Babel Syndrome with respect to each person’s incomplete perception.    From the perspective of a matured and evolved higher state of mind, because man in his undeveloped organic condition totally lacks any degree of Wholeness, and continues to perceive through the limited vision of one of one of the fragments within the twelve spheres of mind — in conjunction with the seven (7) factors presented above — organic (natural) man’s vision and understanding is so limited, that everything he thinks he knows, is always in profound error — i.e., “There is a way that seems right to man, but its end is the way of death”(Prov 14:12).  

As a simple example: Water is H2O — indicating two parts hydrogen and one part oxygen.    And in the same way that from an individual perspective, both hydrogen and oxygen are integral elements of water, if they did not exist independently of each other, then there could be no such thing as water.   While this is a very simplified example, aspects of mind follow a similar pattern.    Again, in the above scriptural statement of fact: “The One truth has many sides, and one sees one side only, another, and some see more than others, according as it is given to them.  Behold this crystal; how the one light is manifest in twelve faces, yea four times twelve, and each face reflects one ray of light, and one regards one face, and another, another, but it is the one crystal, and the one light that shines in all…”    In the same way that water could not exist if either the hydrogen or oxygen elements were missing, what is portrayed as the One Truth in the above, could not exist, if any of the twelve elements that make up that truth did not exist.   In the same way that when light is shown through a prism, because of the frequency differences it can be observed that white light is in fact made up of the balance of seven colors, the One Truth that is referenced in the above quotation, is comprised of twelve lesser truths that comprise an integral part of the Whole.  

In the same way that each person physically begins their journey into life as a one-cell embryo — and that within the one is the DNA that contains the potential for the seven glands and the twelve organs that constitutes the necessary foundation for the embodiment of the mind — @@@HERE

It is important to understand that “…one sees one side only”, and this is not so much by individual choice — but rather, because of the limitations of organic human consciousness, each person’s mind is polarized by the Laws to a fragmented perception and vibration within one of the twelve spheres.   And thus, in the same way that the color red is one of seven colors within the spectrum of white light — and from the perspective of that frequency, only red exists — each person’s perception and understanding is from the perspective of the fragment that their organic mind is polarized to.    Thus, “…one sees one side only”, because their organic mind is polarized to that frequency — and without much development, it will remain impossible for each individual to perceive the lesser truth that is perceived and understood by another person who is polarized to a fragment within another of the twelve spheres.  The result is that while one person sees truth in one religion, philosophy or ideology, another person sees truth in a different and often conflicting religion, philosophy or ideology, while another person views all religion as a bogus fraud — and so on across the greater population — with the Laws insuring that each of the fragments of truth is represented — with the Laws maintaining a balance across the spectrum of fragments, to insure that Wholeness is manifest.   But just as important is to recognize that in the case of most people who exist at an organic human consciousness, they have no real choice with respect to the filter that shades the very small window through which they perceive and look out at the world.    And thus, the importance of the statement in the Book of the Revelation: “If anyone has an ear, let him hear. He who leads into captivity shall go into captivity; he who kills with the sword must be killed with the sword. Here is the patience and the faith of the saints” (Rev 13:9-10 NKJ).    Those who condemn, or force another to adhere to their perceptive understanding, religion, philosophy or ideology of life, will in the future inherit the evil of their own ways.  

Once we begin to understand that the physicist is correct when he states that the universe is a Great Thought — i.e., the above statement by  James Jeans that: “…the universe begins to look more like a great thought than like a great machine” — then it becomes imperative that we begin to understand not only the complexity of the Cosmic Thought of the Universe — but the fact that this Great Cosmic Thought is comprised of integral lesser thoughts that come together in the manifestation of the Whole — and each of these lesser thoughts are themselves comprised of still lesser and fragmented thoughts that are as necessary to the balance and manifestation of the Whole, as is both hydrogen and oxygen must exist in the proper purity and balance to manifest water.  

The One Truth which in the above is portrayed as having twelve sides, exists on a higher plane than can be naturally manifest within the earth’s organic spectrum of frequencies.    Which means that from an earth-perspective, all we can perceive is the separated twelve faces that when in balance, make up and support the Higher One Truth that is beyond the vision and understanding of organic man.   Yet, in the same way that at one level hydrogen and oxygen exist in their independent state, so too does each of the twelve sides that are necessary for the higher One Truth to exist — albeit, on a higher plane than the environment of the earth that is necessary to support the existence of each of the twelve.    And the fact that organic man whose body is comprised of earth-matter, vibrating at the frequencies of the earth, can only perceive the twelve segments that make up the Whole in their fragmented state, is absolutely necessary for the Higher Truth to exist.   In the same way that the upper portion of a pyramid must itself be supported by a foundation which is comprised of many blocks, this is true of all Higher Thoughts and Realities that exist beyond the frequency vibrational spectrum of the earth.     

True Spiritual Sources such as the historical Jesus, do not walk among mankind to tell him what to believe — but rather, to teach their brothers and sisters how to (1) free themselves from the constrains of the Laws that impose organic limits upon them, and (2) how to expand the mind beyond the natural earth vibrational limitations in order to enable them to perceive the One Truth that exists at a higher level than the organic frequencies of the earth.   This expansion of mind requires a transformation of the physical body, which enables it to manifest the higher vibrational frequencies that are beyond the organic spectrum of the earth.  

As the mind is evolved, matured and expanded beyond organic limitations, the person begins to perceive and understand from a higher and more enlightened reality of mind.   Yet, for this expansion of mind to be brought about, the person must have developed and evolved each of the twelve spheres of mind within himself that enables him to perceive and understand from the perspective of this higher state of mind and being.   While from the vibrational spectrum of the earth, the twelve appears to exist separate from each other — and the organic vibrational frequencies of the earth cannot support the reality of the Higher Truth that each of the twelve parts make up — this is not the case with respect to the evolved mind of man that has the capacity to not only manifest each of the twelve, but also to draw the twelve into balance, in order to support the higher reality of mind and being that is on a higher plane than that supported by the organic earth.

From one perspective, what is being presented is Universal Truth that exists within the Divine Pattern of Creation — and this sequential reality of numbers represent the very DNA of Mind and Being that are truly universal to all that exists.    From a biblical perspective, while the Torah and Old Testament exist with each of the twelve spheres portrayed as being comprised allegorically by tribes, it can be said that Jesus existed by virtue of the singleness of each of the twelve disciples.    And while the disciples existed at an earth-frequency vibrational reality, they allegorically represented the foundation for the higher reality portrayed in the manifestation of Jesus to exist.   Which means that the One Truth (Jesus) which manifestation was not of the earth, was able to exist because the twelve that were of the earth existed in harmonic oneness — i.e., “The One truth has many sides, and one sees one side only, another, and some see more than others, according as it is given to them.  Behold this crystal; how the one light is manifest in twelve faces, yea four times twelve, and each face reflects one ray of light, and one regards one face, and another, another, but it is the one crystal, and the one light that shines in all…”    And this pattern remains true throughout all that exists as an integral element within the spiritual and mental DNA of Creation itself.

On the earth level of being, both the higher and lower aspects of mind are impressed into the forms of nature which, because of man’s inherent organic incompleteness, can only be allegorically presented to us.   In order to perceive the Higher Truth that is being expressed, one must themselves be Whole — which means that the twelve spheres of one’s own mind must be evolved and in balance, in order to support the necessary higher realities of mind and being.   Because organic man lacks the necessary Wholeness which would merge the twelve divided perceptions into a higher vision of reality, the only way that they can perceive the fragmented thoughts that is being presented to them by their earth-bound senses, is through the mental imagery of what that thought (and fragmentary aspect of thought) represents to their own mind and thinking.   And this Wholeness is important in that, the traditional monk-mystic — and/or the person who embraces meditation by suppressing the lower spheres of mind in order to activate the upper — himself remains incomplete, and only sees the mental imagery of this world as an illusion.   And this is why you often hear those of a monastic or Eastern mindset expressing the reality that mankind dwells in a world of illusion.    And this is true even at the level that the analogy of Plato’s Cave is written from (see Plato’s Cave).    What differentiates the vision of the True Gnostic who has undergone the transformation of the lower self which brings about Wholeness, is that the Gnostic not only perceives that the illusion of the Mystic is in fact an allusion — but with the balance of the twelve spheres of mind, the Gnostic sees all things for what they truly are.    And while many pseudo-gnostics who attempt to redefine the meaning of the word Gnosis, imagine themselves to be a gnostic, this is only because of man’s attempt to comprehend what the organic mind of man cannot understand, from a very carnal perspective.   Why?   Because they are themselves fragmentary, and they lack Wholeness.   

Great insight into this fragmented vision can be understood by the statement of the second century Christian Church Father Clement of Alexandria, as quoted in Smith & Wace’s Bible dictionary where Clement presents the difference between the faith of the entry-level Christian, in contradistinction to those to did as Paul commanded — i.e., “Therefore let us leave the elementary teachings about Christ and go on to maturity…” (Heb 6:1 NIV) — and in Clement’s portrayal of a Gnostic vs the elementary believer of the simple-faith, we see the result of Wholensss and Maturity: “Faith is the foundation; knowledge the superstructure, by knowledge faith is perfected, for to know is more than to believe. Faith is a summary knowledge of urgent truths; knowledge a sure demonstration of what has been received through faith, being itself reared upon faith through the teachings of the Lord. Thus the Gnostic grasps the complete truth of all revelation from the beginning of the world to the end, piercing to the depths of scripture, of which the believer tastes the surface only. As a consequence of this intelligent sympathy with the Divine Will, the Gnostic becomes in perfect unity in himself, and as far as possible like God. Definite outward observances cease to have any value for one whose being is brought into abiding harmony with that which is eternal; he has no wants, no passions; he rests in the contemplation of God, which is and will be his unfailing blessedness.”

When Clement portrays the Gnostic Christian as being in “…unity in himself”, and developing maturity and wholeness to the degree where they have become “…like God” and “…brought into abiding harmony with that which is eternal”, it is at that time when the disciple becomes the True Christian by entering the final stage of spiritual development, and fulfills the biblical requirement as set forth by Jesus in the words: “You, therefore, must be perfect, as your heavenly Father is perfect” (Matt 5:48 RSV).   When rightfully understood, perfection cannot be achieved apart from wholeness — and only the person who has fulfilled this requirement set forth by Jesus in the Gospels, can perceive the world through a higher reality that organic man is virtually blind to.  

The Wholeness that a True Gnostic sees in the world, is always condemned by the multitude of people who dwell under the delusion that they see and understand reality.    Thus, the words of Einstein: “Great spirits have always encountered violent opposition from mediocre minds.”    Great Spirits are those who have worked to do as Jesus commanded and remove the beam from their own eyes, before they attempt to point out the splinters in the eyes of their brothers and sisters.    And if Einstein possessed a higher vision of life that enabled him to observe those who he portrays as mediocre minds over the course of the eons of lifetimes that they continue to embrace what Jesus taught was the ways, thinking and lifestyle of this world, Einstein would conclude that their blind mediocre thinking and mindset that causes them to perpetually respond violently to the wisdom of Great Spirits, is seen in the fact that they continue “…doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”    @@@check below

A different flavor of blindness is responsible for the folly of the pseudo-intellectuals who attempt to portray one religious group as copying symbols from another group — and ultimately, these pseudo-intellectuals are in effect publishing their own ignorance to the world at lodge.    Why?    They are openly admitting to the fact that they are themselves blind to their own higher soul-reality that sees all things as it truly is with a wholeness that they not only lack, but in fact  alienates each of them from moving in “…unity in himself”.   Because the underlying forces of mind and being are common to all seekers the world over — and the forces that must be overcome are universal — so, too, is the solutions.   So, to even suggest that one group of people needed to copy from another, in order to resolve this universal dilemma and need, is ludicrous and the epitome of the pure folly of their limited perception and thinking.   Yet, in their ignorance with respect to the underlying forces (of mind) in the Field, the pseudo-intellectuals who are blind to the reality of the Field, not only promote their folly to those who look to them as authorities — but force their blind ignorance on unsuspecting minds by virtue of their unconstitutional alliance with government.    

In the same way that science has proven that paired particles remain connected in a dimension of the Etheric Field that can’t be observed with man’s organic senses (see The Books With The Power To Deceive – Allegorical Scriptures For An Allegorical World ), on a deeper level, all of Creation remains connected — and all that man sees and interacts with, is merely aspects of mind (mental imagery) impressed into the forms of nature that comprise the physical universe and the world in which each person lives — and all these forms are subject to the filter of beliefs of the individual interpretation of each person who perceives the symbols from a different perspective of mind.    

Mystics are those who seek to become spiritual scientists.   In the Wikipedia, the word scientist is defined as: “…in the broadest sense, refers to any person that engages in a systematicactivity to acquire knowledge or an individual that engages in such practices and traditions that are linked to schools of thought or philosophy.”   By this definition, a Mystic is a scientist without self-imposed three-dimensional limits that are brought about by predefined doctrines of belief.   Further, once it is recognized that all of life is an expression of mind impressed into allegorical symbols and forms of matter that are representative of aspects of thought, then the “fossilized” doctrines of modern science must be recognized as little more than flat-earth theories that have absolutely no basis in fact and higher reality.    And in the same way that those who portrayed themselves as the Orthodox religious faith, promoted and championed Gnostic Scriptures that they failed to understand with any depth beyond the allegorical symbols of the letter of the written text, it is in like manner true that most of modern science is merely an extension of this same blind belief in Darwinism, who was totally ignorant of even the very substance of the reality expressed into the esoteric forms and symbols of nature.    In the words of Einstein: “We may therefore regard matter as being constituted by the regions of space in which the field is extremely intense… There is no place in this new kind of physics both for the field and matter, for the field is the only reality” (quoted in M. Capek, The Philosophical Impact of Contemporary Physics).    The true meaning and reality of what is expressed in the allegory of the form in which we perceive with our organic senses, can only be understood when we are able to mentally access the Field that is its Source of Being.   And this is true of everything that we see — that we think we see — as well as all that exists in the earth.

Returning again to the statement by James Jeans that: “…the universe begins to look more like a great thought than like a great machine”  — everything that we think we perceive in the earth, is merely an aspect of a thought that has been impressed into the imagery of the mind — i.e., an allegorical symbol.   Organic man, who sees only the symbols of the thought-patterns of mind impressed into the forms of matter, remains ignorant as to the aspect of mind that is represented in these forms which are impressed into nature.    In the recognition that man who fails to look beyond the form, does not know what each form represents, they recognize the fact that to understand what they see, they must begin to seek the source.   Therefore, when properly understood, Darwinism would then be parallel to, and synonymous with, a type of religious Fundamentalism.    Both see only the allegorical form or symbol — they both reject the assertion that there is a deeper meaning than what is perceived in the physical — and both ardently reject and condemn whoever attempts to convey to them that there is a deeper esoteric meaning than what they see within the limitations of their physical senses and organic thinking.  Thus, the intellectual Fundamentalist who is perhaps the epitome of this carnal ignorance, attempts to conclude that the forms of matter observed in the outer world is independent of any other underlying source — and by virtue of this error, modern quantum physics has proven what the mystic has long warned, that nothing is further from the truth.    Moreover, the scriptures are allegorical, in order to prepare the disciple to understand the esoteric reality of the outer world — and the outer world is an allegorical allusion, which is in fact a blueprint of the Divine Pattern of Mind and Being that is represented in the reality of the Universal Consciousness.    And thus, the scriptures have absolutely nothing to do with history — but rather, in the above words of G.R.S. Mead: “…what the Gnostics projected onto the screen… [in the form of a ] picture of the universe was in reality a picture of their own minds. Its mythology is a symbolic portrayal, almost a deliberate one, of the forces which operate in the structuring and evolution of the human personality”.

In recognizing that men do not understand the true reality of what they see and perceive with their physical senses, mystics have become enlightened to understand man’s higher reality.    Those seeking knowledge must perceive and comprehend the underlying source in the field that is creating the allegorical form that organic man observes projected into matter.   The Egyptians, Chinese, as well as all ancient cultures, used hieroglyphics and a language based upon pictures, symbols and forms, to convey a meaning — as does all of nature, which is composing and writing it’s message to us, in the very forms and allegorical symbols that we see and physically interact with.    While the Mystic has long understood the reality that physicists are only now beginning to understand — i.e., all of nature speaks to us and reveals an aspect of mind that is represented in the form of the living object that it portrays.   And this is why there are no missing links that prove Darwinism — because nature and organic life is a projection of aspects of mind into the forms we observe into those frequencies of Cosmic Thought which we call matter.   And thus, those few who develop themselves to the degree that they begin to see through the allegorical illusions of matter, are truly amazed at what they see: “Let the one who seeks not stop seeking until he finds; and when he finds, he will be agitated. When he is agitated he will be amazed, and he will rule over everything” (Gospel of Thomas).

Critics will state: How are we to know these things?   In reference to the Key of Knowledge which Jesus accused the carnal Jews of throwing away (see Key Of Knowledge), the Church Father Origen wrote of the scriptures that: “It is sufficient however, to represent in the style of a historic narrative what is intended to convey a secret meaning in the garb of history, that those who have the capacity may work out for themselves all that relates to the subject.”    The key phrase here it seen in the words “…that those who have the capacity may work out for themselves all that relates to the subject” — which indicates that men and women of true intellect that are free from the restraints of both the Laws, and the carnal limitations of man’s cultures and doctrines of belief, have the ability to crack the code of not only the scriptures, but of Creation itself, by applying the rules of the Key of Knowledge.   The literal text of the Gospels — and especially the Sermon on the Mount — represent those teachings which prepare the seeker/disciple to break free of the restraints of the Laws, which constrain the mind, and enable the seeker/disciple to begin to “…have the capacity [to] work out for themselves” the true meaning of both the scriptures, and the life they are presently living.   This inability to perceive and comprehend because of the restraints of the Law and related constraints of the mind, is why Jesus was forced to teach in parables — and why Clement of Alexandria explained: “The Lord… allowed us to communicate those Divine Mysteries, and of that holy light, to those who are able to receive them. He did not certainly disclose to the many what did not belong to the many; but to the few to whom He knew that they belonged, who were capable of receiving and being molded according to them.”   

Traditionally, reality has been what sectarian and secular leaders have said it is.   To oppose these pseudo-authorities of both church and state, is to be condemned and rejected as a heretic — which often carried the sentence of death.   These sectarian and secular leaders primary goal was to preserve their own positions as religious and political authority over the people.   And throughout man’s past, religion was one of the primary tools that was used by secular rulers to maintain unquestioned authority over the people.   In the case of the Christian Church beginning in the fourth century, to disagree with the doctrines affirmed by the Emperor Constantine, carried with it the sentence of death.   Thus, Gibbon writes in the Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire: ”Constantine easily believed that the heretics, who presumed to dispute his opinions or to oppose his commands, were guilty of the most absurd and criminal obstinancy… Not a moment was lost in excluding the ministers and teachers of the separated congregations from any share of the rewards and immunities which the emperor had so liberally bestowed on the orthodox clergy. But as the sectaries might still exist under the cloud of royal disgrace, the conquest of the East was immediately followed by an edict which announced their total destruction”.    Thus, in the same way that whoever did not embrace the religion of the emperor met with the sentence of death, whatever scriptures did not conform to the approved version, was immediately destroyed (see http://BibleCorruption.com ).   

What this means is that neither modern day believers, non-believers, accepted scholars or critics, have absolutely any idea what Jesus really taught — as well as the esoteric knowledge possessed by his disciples — because the only thing that remains today, is the doctrines of the Church of Constantine.   Jesus did not intentionally hide or conceal anything from the multitude of people who could only be taught in parables — just like there is nothing intentionally hidden or concealed in the allegorical text of the scriptures — but rather, those whose body and minds function from an earth vibrational frequency, cannot perceive and understand the higher truths that can only be comprehended by those who have brought about the necessary Wholeness within their own mind and being.   Thus, to his disciples Jesus said: “Unto you it is given to know the mystery of the kingdom of God: but unto them that are without, all these things are done in parables: That seeing they may see, and not perceive; and hearing they may hear, and not understand” (Mark 4:11-12 KJV).   Those who are“without”, are those who dwell in what Jesus called the “outer darkness” of mind and being.   That the twelve dimensional aspects of the One Truth has to exist as foundational realities for the Higher Truth that is above the organic frequencies of the earth, is synonymous with the reality that hydrogen and oxygen must exist in their separated forms, in order to manifest water.  

Those seekers and disciples who had themselves escaped the prevailing ignorance of those who dwelt in what Jesus portrayed as the “outer darkness”, knew the esoteric secrets that permitted them to bypass both the sectarian leaders of the Church, as well as the secular rulers — and because they existed as a threat to the political establishment, they were hunted down and murdered — and their more pure copies of the scriptures were destroyed.    Yet, the sacred knowledge that was thrown away by the Church, has now come back to hold the leaders of Christianity accountable.   

That mankind is innately imbued with the ability to greatly expand his potential of mind and conscious awareness — and begin to perceive and understand what is impossible for those who fail to develop themselves — is presented in the statement by the Apostle Paul when he warned that ultimately, all men are without excuse with respect to the knowledge God and the life that they are living — i.e., “…because that which is known about God …for God made it evident to them.  For since the creation of the world His invisible attributes, His eternal power and divine nature, have been clearly seen, being understood through what has been made, so that they are without excuse (Rom 1:19-20 NAS).    And that organic man is for the most part blind to this higher reality and meaning of what they see, is because they fail to develop themselves — and they embrace and support pseudo-religious and pseudo-secular authorities who for their own preservation of power, force other men and women to conform to their dictates — again repeating the little understood statement in the Revelation: “If anyone has an ear, let him hear. He who leads into captivity shall go into captivity; he who kills with the sword must be killed with the sword. Here is the patience and the faith of the saints” (Rev 13:9-10 NKJ).   Those who force their opinions, rules, philosophy and judgments upon others — leading them into captivity — will themselves be slain by the Sword of the Law (see The Law).   Those who lead others into captivity — or support those who force their will upon others — will themselves become imprisoned by the Laws until they cease to exert force upon their brothers and sisters.  

If I use an extreme example to make a point — and state that all the German people suffered great loss because of their adoration and empowerment of Hitler as their leader — this suffering and loss is easily demonstrated in the images of burnt out cities and bombed out rubble that pervaded the land as the result of Allied bombings.    Thus, actions have consequences — and when the German people permitted Hitler to come to power, they suffered the consequences of their actions.   Yet, in a similar vain, the multitude of mankind has invoked his own variety of self imposed destruction in the form of the wholesale limitation of mind and awareness, which pervades the lives of those who cling to the teachers, leaders, authorities and philosophers of this world.  

The mystic and true spiritual disciple understands that the organic mind of man is embryonic, and must be developed — expanded beyond organic limitations — and evolved into a state of Wholeness of Mind.    But in man’s attempt to build upon a Darwinist model of body and mind, modern man is shackled by the reality that Darwin was not only totally blind and oblivious to what the modern physicist portrays as the (Etheric) Field, Darwin lacked the necessary enlightened spiritual vision to perceive these underlying forces in the Field that was responsible for creating the forms and expressions of life that we observe in the countless images presented to our senses by nature.   Where, in Darwin’s blindness to these underlying forces, he imagined the survival of the fittest — he failed to understand that what he was observing was the final form representing an allegorical image of that aspect of mind which is portrayed in the symbolism that presented itself to the senses of man in the limitations of his organic vision and understanding.    If Darwin had understood the foundational structure of his own mind and thinking, perhaps he would have begun to make the parallel insights that would have unlocked the formula and pervading Laws which were responsible for creating the images of what he observed in the outer world.

One of the primary inherent and often self-imposed obstacles that has shackled man to ignorance about both himself, and the reality of the world in which he presently lives, is seen in the fact that man has permitted himself to become anchored to an erroneous perception of both himself, and all of Creation.   Experience tells us that if one begins on a erroneous assumption, then it is difficult to arrive at a higher understanding, without first re-examining the erroneous starting point — and then restructuring the mind from top to bottom.    Which means that in our present time where Darwinism is used to counter what is called Creationism and/or Intelligent Design — i.e., a Fundamentalist perception of the written words of the scriptures — the obstacle that inhibits man’s progress is far more political, than factual.    While the Fundamentalist who assigns the label of Orthodox to his own interpretation of the scriptures, lacks any understanding of the esoteric meaning of the symbols that make up the written text — the pseudo-intellectuals and Atheist critics are themselves blinded by the limitations of their own organic consciousness, and they lack any understanding of the esoteric meaning of the allegorical symbols that are impressed into the forms of nature.   One of the primary purposes of the scriptures is to prepare the mind to understand the higher reality that is imprinted into the forms of nature within which we find ourselves immersed.   And while Darwin and his theory of evolution remains the holy grail of the Atheists and Secular Humanists who are the architects and guardians of our modern-day godless culture, even the more enlightened scientist readily sees the flaw in this very mechanical and limited perception of life.  

Officially, Evolution is called a Theory, because there is a total lack of evidence to support it.   In the words of Niles Eldredge of the American Museum of Natural History: “The old explanation that the fossil record was inadequate is in itself an inadequate explanation.”  Why?  The fossil record is inadequate because everything that we see and perceive in this realm is directly caused by patterns of force being exerted upon matter from beyond the bounds of this three-dimensional world in which we presently dwell — and the very patterns and forms are themselves the symbols of mind and consciousness impressed into what we interpret to be concrete matter.   But Darwin, himself, understood that his explanations were drawn from a very incomplete and inadequate record, and questioned the validity of his own theory when he wrote: “Why then is not every geological formation and every stratum full of such intermediate links? Geology assuredly does not reveal any such finely graduated organic chain, and this, perhaps, is the most obvious and gravest objection which can be urged against my theory” (Charles Darwin, On The Origin Of Species).  

According to Darwin’s theory, the geological record should be full of species that are slowly increasing in complexity over time.  There should be whole communities of people who would themselves represent the long lost missing link that mainstream science has been pursuing — yet, these communities of people don’t exist, because the forms of nature represent mind impressed into allegorical symbols of consciousness — i.e., evolution in reverse.   Since evolution relies on time, chance, and incremental steps, sudden leaps are not possible.  But this is exactly what the fossil record shows, which directly contradicts the theory of evolution!   Yet, pseudo-intellectuals who maintain absolute control over what is taught in our schools and universities, continue to promote the folly of Darwinism, in the same way that a snake oil salesman continues to peddle his worthless product for his own personal enrichment.   

Whales are portrayed as one-time land mammals that returned to the sea, and grew breathing holes in the top of their heads, as well as flippers and fins that surrounded their legs.   Those who embrace this convoluted reasoning promote the idea that these land mammals over the course of eons, never again stepped foot on dry land, while these radical changes to their bodies were brought about.    And in the same way that the Fundamentalist expects us to believe that the world was created in six days, six thousand years ago, the pseudo-intellectuals expect us to believe that over the course of these eons when these same land mammals still had legs, that (1) neither did their descendents who had legs step foot onto dry land; (2) and they were somehow not attacked by sharks and other predators who were hunting virtually helpless mammals on the surface of the water for food.   We are not talking about a small group of land mammals going back in the water for short periods — but rather, a rather large group of mammals going back in the water — over the course of lifetimes of having legs which enabled them to walk on the land — and over the course of eons of refusal to use those legs, we are being told that very slowly their legs began to atrophy, as fins began to ever so slowly grow over the legs — and that they grew blowholes in which to breathe out of.   

One of the primary reasons why this theory has been embraced is seen in the fact that within the fins of most whales, exists what appears to be legs — but in not understanding that the body of the sea mammal is the result of mind being projected from the Field into the form of nature as perceived in the pattern of thought that it represents, the Darwinists have embraced the folly of absolute irrationality.    To prove the absurdity of their reasoning, perhaps they should volunteer to live in the ocean to see if their offspring over the course of eons, become mermaids.    Mind you, something would have to motivate their countless generations of offspring into never stepping foot on dry land, and utilizing the natural qualities of their legs.     Imagine the children of these so called intellectuals dogpaddling in the water in the hope that over the course of thousands of years, the legs of their descendents will turn into mermaid fins!!!   Their convoluted reasoning is that if they entered the water now, and all their offspring remained in the water over the course of tens of thousands of years — never again using their legs and stepping foot on dry land — that their offspring would over the course of eons of time, become mermaids.  

If, as the Theory of Evolution states, and that all life began as a one cell amoeba, then like the concept of the mermaid, birds developed as land animals that either kept jumping into the air, or were some sort of lizard that kept jumping out of trees.   Yet, in order to even begin to substantiate such a theory, it would have to be shown where eons of generations of offspring from these lizard type creatures keep either jumping into the air attempting to take flight, or out of trees or rock formations attempting to soar in the air.   Simultaneously,many of the bones in the skeletal structure of birds are hollow, and they of course have feathers which permit them to soar in the air.   Yet, we are expected to believe that these necessary structural changes took place by virtue of lizards either continually jumping in the air, or jumping from great heights over the course of eons of lifetimes, for these changes to be brought about.   

Again, in the words of Niles Eldredge of the American Museum of Natural History: “The old explanation that the fossil record was inadequate is in itself an inadequate explanation.”  And the failure of the fossil record to support the Theory of Evolution is noted by its author: “Why then is not every geological formation and every stratum full of such intermediate links? Geology assuredly does not reveal any such finely graduated organic chain, and this, perhaps, is the most obvious and gravest objection which can be urged against my theory”(Charles Darwin, On The Origin Of Species).     

Unlike the pseudo-intellectuals who promote their half-baked ideas that are gravely flawed, the mystic is the spiritual-intellectual who is willing to follow the flow of truth and knowledge wherever it leads them.   The Mystic, as the true scientist, must therefore cast off all manmade religious dogma and doctrines — set aside all preconceived ideas about life — all the theories of the philosophers of this world — as well as the illusions that his own senses present to him as he looks to the outer world — seeking only the essence and source of Truth.   In the same way that you can’t get to what is called the Kingdom of God by traveling outwardly — mystics are those who explore the inner resources of mind and being in search of what Jesus taught was the Inner Kingdom (Lk 19:20-21).   Jesus commanded his disciples to “Enter through the narrow gate. For wide is the gate and broad is the road that leads to destruction, and many enter through it. But small is the gate and narrow the road that leads to life, and only a few find it” (Matt 7:13-14 NIV) — but where is the gate that must be entered?    Certainly not in the outer world — and few find it, because there are certain conditions that must first be met, before this inner gate within one’s own self can even be found.   

In Judaism, the river Jordan means “descender” — and would be interpreted as the connecting link between the physical and the Inner Spiritual.    Allegorically, Jesus was baptized in the Jordan River — and what this portrays is that the only true baptism is via a Spiritual Power or Anointing (Messiah/Christ) directly from God through this Inner Source of our Spiritual Being that is not of the earth.   In Hinduism, the River Ganges was said to be a flow of water from the heavens into the earth — and this is an allegory of the energy flow that empowers our minds — with its source deep within our layers of consciousness.   If, as astronomer Arthur Eddington states, that “The stuff of the universe is mind-stuff” — then the only way to explore beyond the borders of this world of illusion, is to develop one’s own mind to pierce the cloak that limits the physical senses of organic man to the three dimensions of this world.    Thus, from an allegorical perspective, one must seek to the Source of the vital life-force that animates our outer physical being — breaking down the barrier and opening a bridge to our inner reality of soul and spirit — becoming Anointed (Messiah/Christ) through the pure flow of what is allegorically portrayed as the River Jordan or Ganges.   

What few intellectuals understand is the difference between spiritual fact, and religion — i.e., while this expansion and Anointing of the mind is a fact — how to bring this Anointing about would be classified as religion.   To suppress the knowledge of the facts of life, inhibits man from achieving the results of these facts of life.    Modern quantum physics has proven that the Field is the Source, and the physical that we see is the result of what is created in the Field.   This is a fact that neither Darwin nor science understood in the past.   The problem is that the inner core of every valid religion that was led by Mystic Scientists, knew this fact of life all along — and while the outer congregations of believers did not have the capacity to understand this common factual knowledge that has been known by the inner spiritual core of each religion — the very purpose of religion is to prepare the multitude to attain the capacity to perceive and understand.  

Should be blame the kindergarten teacher that their students lack a university graduate degree?    The teacher would of course explain that the kindergarten curriculum is purposely designed to prepare the child to obtain a graduate degree, as the child’s mind grows and evolves to maturity.    And thus, religion serves the same exact purpose in preparing the believing community to become Knowing from a higher spiritual perspective.

Many parents have to come to terms with the fact that their children became side-tracked — and the whole structure of their planned educational experience became derailed.    Along the way their once innocent child became involved in drugs, crime, consuming vices — and the negative influences of friends and culture, made the parental desire of a graduate degree for their child an impossibility.    That pseudo-teachers always arise, and utilize pure religious paths for their own self-serving interests, is human nature — which not only corrupts religion, but every endeavor of mankind.    That throughout man’s history governments have used religion to control the masses, is an historical fact that is true of every culture.   Yet, man’s corrupting human nature does not in any manner negate the spiritual facts which are known only to the inner core of the religion.    The facts remain the same, regardless of man’s corruptions — and regardless of what men believe and philosophically profess.    @@@check here

Part of the process of procuring a university graduate degree was the successful navigation through the negative influences that derailed many unsuspecting school children.   In many US school systems, the high school graduation rate is less than 50% — and the case can be made that would portray sending your child to school as being synonymous with educational Russian Roulette.    The latest statistics convey the reality that over two million inmates presently populate the prisons of the United States — and yet, the vast majority of these criminals were at one time an innocent child who became corrupted by the negative influences of our culture — and nearly all of them attended government educational institutions that became the bedrock of their thinking and lifestyle.    The corrupting influences of our culture is an ever looming reality that befalls great numbers of seemingly innocent school children.   In the same way that pedophiles lie in wait on the Internet disguised as other children — and because of lack of experience and parental oversight, innocence is very quickly taken advantage of — this same corrupting influence attacks mankind in every path of opportunity that he endeavors to walk.   Almost every day we hear of a school child who has been seduced by the very adult teachers who we trust as educators.   As with all of man’s roads through his journey into life, no sooner does the genuine Mystic and Spiritual Visionary attempt to help others to experience and bring about man’s higher spiritual reality for themselves within the context of their own lives, than the jackals and wolves in sheep’s attire appear to twist what was conceived in purity, and establish the fulfillment of their own self-serving carnal appetites as they prey upon the innocent and unsuspecting victims of their base corruptions.     

It is the voice of the Mystic that has perpetually stated to the rest of mankind: If you want to see and know that I have seen, and know what I have come to know, then you have to do and accomplish what I have myself done with my own mind and life!  So, what the Mystic is in fact stating, is that while the minds of all people are equal in their innate potential, in the reality of this world all minds are not the same — and the mind can and must be trained and matured to see and comprehend what other people’s minds remain blind to.    Is this Gnostic elitism, as the Orthodox have traditionally attempted to portray those who claim to possess the secret esoteric teachings of Jesus that was not revealed to the multitude of people?   In speaking of the reality which Jesus portrayed as the “outer darkness” (see Outer Darkness) which presented the fact that the vast majority of mankind dwells under the illusion of carnal organic blindness, Jesus stated: “For this people’s heart has become calloused; they hardly hear with their ears, and they have closed their eyes. Otherwise they might see with their eyes, hear with their ears, understand with their hearts and turn, and I would heal them.’ But blessed are your eyes because they see, and your ears because they hear. For I tell you the truth, many prophets and righteous men longed to see what you see but did not see it, and to hear what you hear but did not hear it” (Matt 13:15-17 NIV).  

What could Jesus say to those who were spiritually blind, deaf, and unable to perceive and understand beyond the most rudimentary of human potential?   In the same way that the religious Fundamentalist limits his understanding to his literal interpretation of the scriptures, the intellectual Fundamentalist limits his understanding to what is seen as concrete matter — and in the same way that the religious Fundamentalist rejects the inner spiritual esoteric meaning of the scriptures, the intellectual Fundamentalist rejects the presence of the Field that is the source of all things that are seen in the physical world.   Further, the masses of people are blind followers of either group of Fundamentalists, and are therefore incapable of contemplating anything beyond the very rudimentary Fundamentalist blind perceptions of man’s reality.