C2.13: The Brain/Mind Connection


Recently this question was posed to me: In reading your website, I noted several references to the concept of humans only utilizing 10 percent of their brains.  From the science I’ve been able to avail myself of, this concept has been dismissed as a myth, and really no factual basis for the claim has been determined, except some vague claims of a few psychologists in the late 1800’s.    You have told us that the remaining 90 percent lies dormant until activated spiritually.  Since I can see no basis for this dormant brain function, please clarify.  Do you mean we only use 10 percent of our capacity for knowledge?  If so, it does not seem that utilization of the remaining  portion would serve as a qualitatively distinct or separate phenomenon than normal learning, but only an increase in degree.  Can you help me?

The above is not only a really important question, but is also a demonstration of what William Tiller above portrayed as a “…fossilized …world picture and …view of reality that has outlived its usefulness [which now] …has begun to limit mankind’s growth and …it is in real danger of [man’s] self-extermination.”    If it is true that reality is in the Field, rather than in the matter-blemish that we physically see, then how can the mind be in the physical organ which we call the brain?

If the brain was the mind, as many think and proclaim, then no part of your personality would survive the death of the physical body.   And most of the people who are viewed as authorities, and who remain stuck on the brain-mind theory, are most likely also Atheists working from a Darwinist foundation with respect to their thinking.   Yet, what we see in the above, is the fact that the modern-day emerging science has come to recognize that reality is in the (Etheric) Field, and not in the physical matter that we observe with our physical eyes.   And once we come to understand this reality that the Darwinist Atheists have rejected, we can then begin to venture along the path of higher reality that they have barred themselves from embracing.  

It is important to recognize the fact that if you base your thinking on a counterfeit foundational doctrine of belief, then it can be near impossible to move beyond that self-imposed obstruction you have imbued your thinking with.   As an example: The original Ebionite Nazirene disciples of Jesus stated that he became the Messiah/Christ and adopted Son of God at his baptism in the Jordan — and he achieved this Enlightened state by fulfilling the Laws within himself.   Originally, prior to the take-over of the Church by Pagan Rome in the fourth century, the Gospels confirmed the position of the Ebionites in the words spoken to Jesus: “Thou art my Son, this day have I begotten thee” (see The Ten Words).    In recognizing the differences between the doctrine of the Trinity which was imposed upon the Church by the Roman Emperor Constantine, The Adam Clark Commentary stated that if the above words which represents the original text of the Gospels, is true, that the Christian religion is “vain and baseless”  (see The Ten Words).   Why?    Because the doctrines that were imposed upon the Church by Pagan Rome, corrupts the foundational teachings of Jesus, and causes the Gospels to be spiritually impotent and unable to fulfill their intended spiritual objectives.  

The position that the brain is the mind which had been adopted by the mainstream of science, has a similar and parallel effect upon scientists who adopt this doctrine of belief.   Like The Ten Words, if the mind is not the physical brain — and the brain is merely one of the organs of the body that the mind works through — then this assumption on the part of mainstream science causes them to intellectually flat-line.

The brain is like the lap top computer I am presently typing on.   While I am not the lap top, I am using the lap top as an interface into the Internet world of cyberspace.   The mind exists in the Field that surrounds the body — and the mind uses the organs of the body such as the brain, as an interface into this world.   If one of my keys went bad, then the function associated with that key could no longer be expressed.   If this lap top ceased to function, then I would no longer be able to express myself in cyberspace — but I would very much remain as a living entity.   The Darwinist-Atheists are able to ignore not only the findings of modern emerging science which totally refutes their theories, but they in like manner attempt to ignore the extended vision of mystics and Gnostics.   If it is possible to separate one’s mind from the physical body, then the whole concept of the brain being the mind must be seen as counterfeit.   Yet, so long as the focus is only on those people who have never attempted to learn to separate their mind from their body — or, have never experiences a separation — they can continue under the delusion that the body (brain) and mind appears to be one and the same.   And in denial of the facts, these same fossilized authorities then attempt to explain away such emerging bodies of evidence as the Near Death Experience (NDE), by stating that what the person experienced was the dying brains lack of oxygen.  

If we pose the question: Is there any proof to their conclusion?   The only possible answer is: Not at all.   The lack of oxygen theory is necessary to support their position that the brain is the actual mind.    And like the Fundamentalist true believers, they dismiss all factual evidence which conflicts with their theory and belief that the mind is in the physical brain.   And, like the traditional snake oil salesmen who has mesmerized the crowd that he is seducing, they successfully peddle their worthless product because of the naiveness of the masses.   In the case of the pseudo-intellectuals, they are not required to prove their position — or even permit alternative positions to be presented, because they represent the approved position of the secularized state.  

Their counterfeit position is basically concocted in order to explain away the experiential knowledge of an emerging group of witnesses that do not fit into their erroneous understanding of life.    Like the Christians who ignore the fact that The Ten Words proves that the original Ebionite Nazirene disciples who learned directly from the historical Jesus were right, the Fundamentalist intellectuals suppress and censor the emerging evidence that proves the fallacy of their doctrines of belief pertaining to the reality of mind.   And they do this, in order to preserve their theory that the mind is in the physical brain.   Even though their position is totally without factual substantiation, it is accepted on the basis that they hold a (government approved) position of authority — i.e., they are the secular priests of the religion of Atheism that dictate to the masses what is orthodox.   And in promoting their unfounded theories that remain factually unsubstantiated, they are not only able to continue to embrace the whole structure of their false theories — but they remain politically empowered to force others to subscribe to their unfounded and unproven theories.   Yet, once rightly understood, what these Darwinist-Atheist pseudo-authorities represent today, is the flat-earth authorities in man’s past.  In the same way that what anti-Gnostic faith-based believers of secularized religion represents, is very much parallel to the traditional thinking of the Church which condemned the wisdom of Galileo who stated that the literal text of the Bible was wrong, and the earth is not the center of the universe.   Therefore, the junk-science that we teach school children today, is very much parallel to that of the flat-earth philosophers of the past.  

Prior to Columbus, Europeans were fearful of sailing out too far from land, because they believed that they would fall off the face of the earth.   When Columbus set sail, the majority of his men were comprised of criminals taken out of the prisons — because Columbus was viewed as a fool who was going to bring about the demise of those who listened to him.   And this flat-earth mindset remained, until Columbus made his voyage and returned with various proofs of the existence of the New World — resulting in the confrontational fact that the fossilized thinking pseudo-authorities who maintained that the earth was flat, were then forced to admit that they were wrong.    Yet, even today an Internet search on flat earth, will demonstrate that people continue to cling to this belief, regardless of the facts.   

In this present time I have restored much of the original teachings of the Ebionite Nazirenes known as TheWay — and what I have written has the capacity to free the thinking of people from the fossilized limitations of the pseudo-scientific and secularized counterfeit religious doctrines and authorities that shackle mankind in the abyss of ignorance — and it is this knowledge that I have set forth in restoration of the Original Gospel,  that has the potential to enable seekers to prove the Truth within themselves.  And since, as the emerging scientific findings have confirmed — that there is nothing but mind and the higher expression of thought — and what we observe with our senses, is merely the illusion of the holograph — i.e., the celebrated statement made by the astronomer James Jeans: “Today there is a wide measure of agreement… that the stream of knowledge is heading towards a non-mechanical reality; the universe begins to look more like a great thought than like a great machine” — and the statement by astronomer Arthur Eddington: “The stuff of the universe is mind-stuff”.   And more recently, cyberneticist David Foster described “an intelligent universe” whose apparent concreteness is generated by cosmic data from an unknowable, organized source.  The holographic theory says that: “…our brains mathematically construct hard reality by interpreting frequencies from a dimension transcending time and space. The brain is a hologram, interpreting a holographic universe.”   And what the mystic portrays as the illusion of this world, is based upon the reality that “…our brains mathematically construct hard reality by interpreting frequencies from a dimension transcending time and space…”