C2.18: Secular Imposed Death — Modern Slavery — Government Imposed Spiritual Abortion

Secular Imposed Death – Modern Slavery: The profound question that has been set before modern man that must be answered, is this: Why must sincere seekers of Truth be forced to embrace the spiritually disenfranchised thinking, mindset and lifestyle of those who can only be described as self-destructive Atheists?   If there is a First Amendment protection of the practice of religion — and the practice of religion is the mindset, thinking and lifestyle of the child — then how can government impose an Atheist-based mindset and lifestyle upon the children in the name of education?    They can’t — and the fact that both church and state is in collusion to suppress genuine spiritual expressions of religion, demonstrates the fallacy of UnAlienable God-Given Rights — to the detriment of all of mankind who is suffering the consequences.

If the Source of all knowledge is within — and this source can only be accessed via the expansion of mind that exists in the (Etheric) Field — then our government is not only violating the First Amendment Establishment clause — but is representative of an Atheist-Theocracy that inhibits the Practice of Genuine Spiritual Religion.    And this is true even when these Atheists profess a belief in God.   And by this I indicate those people who by virtue of their thinking, mindset and lifestyle, are so inhibiting their progress, that they are very much committing spiritual suicide.  

If the true objective of religion — and especially, the original teachings of Jesus and TheWay — was to live one’s life in such a manner that the seeker/disciple begins to connect with the Indwelling Logos — with the objective beginning to receive directly from the Logos, what is portrayed as the Divine Manna of the Kingdom, which is often referred to as Gnosis — then how can there be true freedom of religion, and separation of church and state, when it is the state that requires the child and people to become immersed in a mindset and lifestyle which “…destroys and pollutes, as far as in them lies, the Deity dwelling in them – that is, the Logos — by association with their vices” which are an integral part of the thinking and lifestyle which the government ordained and required systems of education immerse the child and the people in?   What this means is that freedom of thought, freedom of religion, as well as the First Amendment separation of church and state, has been totally done away with by our modern social-secular culture.   

While many will view the above as an extremist position — i.e., my position that our cultural mindset and lifestyle is in fact a state of death — what they fail to recognize is the fact that this is exactly what Jesus taught.    This is demonstrated in the Gospels where it is written that: “Another disciple said to him, Lord, first let me go and bury my father. But Jesus told him, Follow me, and let the dead bury their own dead” (Matt 8:21-22 NIV).   The dead who Jesus is making reference to, are the people of an organic (carnal) mind.    And in like manner Jesus commanded to “Enter by the narrow gate; for wide is the gate and broad is the way that leads to destruction, and there are many who go in by it. Because narrow is the gate and difficult is the way which leads to life, and there are few who find it.” (Matt 7:13-14 NKJ).   The way of our cultural mindset and lifestyle, is the “…broad …way that leads to destruction, and there are many who go in by it.”   And if this is indeed true, do we have to surrender our lives —  as well as that of our children — because those who are spiritually disenfranchised by virtue of their carnal mindset and lifestyle, remain predicatively dead to man’s own higher soul and spiritual reality?    Must we be slaves to the walking dead?   Ruled over by Cultural Zombies?    Even when the spiritually dead profess a philosophical belief in Jesus?   Or more accurately, the Jesus of Pagan Rome?    Is this position radical?   In the same way that the early Christians were fed to the lions and slaughtered in the Roman Coliseums for refusing to worship the emperor, in living in accord with the mindset and lifestyle of the emperor’s culture, modern believers have already been overcome and spiritually seduced into walking the broad-way of destruction that Jesus warned about.    And, in analysis, nothing could be more unconstitutional, than the forced subjugation of one’s mind and life, in order to accommodate the requirements of quasi-intellectual elitists, or government.   Isn’t this forced living in accord with the dictates of another — or the government — merely a modern form of slavery?    

At the beginning of our Common Era, those mature Jews and Christians who succeeded in bringing about “…the heightening and enlargement of human consciousness”, were called Gnostics.   Why?   Because they understood the cosmology of man’s own mind and being — and they lived in such a way that permitted them to break down the inner barrier of organic consciousness, and tap into the higher reality of the soul — and ultimately, what is called the Logos or Son of God.   Thus, they were Gnostics, because they underwent the process of spiritual transformation that in the words of Paul, overcame the inner divisions and limitations by: Put[ing] to death, therefore, whatever belongs to your earthly nature”(Col 3:5 NIV).   They possessed the Knowledge of both their True Self, and the Divine, which was directly imparted to them from an Inner Spiritual Source which Jesus taught was the objective of being his disciple and travailing in TheWay.   Under the heading of Gnosticism, the Encyclopedia Britannica states: “Among the majority of the followers of the movement, ‘Gnosis’ was understood not as meaning ‘knowledge’ or ‘understanding’, in our sense of the word, but ‘revelation’. These little Gnostic sects and groups all lived in the conviction that they possessed a secret and mysterious knowledge, in no way accessible to those outside, which was not to be proved or propagated, but believed in by the initiated, and anxiously guarded as a secret. This knowledge of theirs was not based on reflection, on scientific inquiry and proof, but on revelation. It was derived directly from the times of primitive Christianity, from the Savior himself and from his disciples and friends, with whom they claimed to be connected by a secret tradition, or else from later prophets, of whom many sects boasted. It was laid down in wonderful mystic writings, which were in the possession of the various circles”.    

Why did the Spiritual Christians who were known as Gnostics possess a Knowledge that was not readily available to the spiritually immature who called themselves Orthodox?    As modern science has indicated with respect to the nature of physical matter, the brain itself which is comprised of earth-matter — is of an earth-vibration — and therefore, does not normally support and utilize those areas of the mind that are not supported in man’s day to day worldly interactions.   At the above link (see  Gnostic Vision ), Creation is portrayed as a hologram — and what we perceive to be physical matter, is only a very narrow piece of the greater spectrum of man’s true reality — i.e., Darwinism in reverse.   But, because the brain itself is comprised of earth-matter that is vibrating at what would be portrayed as the physical frequency native to the three dimensions of the earth-matter — the result is that IN THE CASE OF MOST PEOPLE, the brain and the mind remain intimately attached and in harmony with what we would portray as organic (carnal) consciousness — incapable of tapping into the indwelling Logos/Son of God.     An example of this fact is presented to us in the case of those people who have experienced a Near Death Experience (NDE), the mind is forcefully separated from the brain via the physical death of the body — and with this separation, the mind was no longer subject to the limitations of physical matter.   The result is that suddenly, without warning, a whole new world opens up to the vision and experiences of the person who has been freed from the mental limitations of the physical body, as the mind is forcefully separated from its biological attachment to the brain.