C3.03. Deism And The First Amendment

While the Deists were responsible for laying the Constitutional foundation that Americans today have inherited, these same Americans neither understand the Deists, nor do they understand the full potential that the Constitution has the inherent power to bring about in the lives of mankind.    And from both secular and religious perspective, this ignorance with respect to the Deists is the most dangerous force in the world today.   Why?   Because many of the core Deists not only possessed a comprehension of the Laws which control all aspects of the life that all people live — but just as important is the fact that some of the Deists possessed the body of esoteric knowledge that the Church threw away when it entered into a covenant relationship with Pagan Rome.   An Abiding Reality is that all of Creation and Life is built upon a Foundation of Immutable Laws — and success is often the result of man’s endeavor to build upon this Foundation of Laws a structure which ensures his success.   While the Law of Gravity is an example of an immutable law which not only holds man to the surface of the earth — but also is part of the equation that holds the earth in a rotation around the sun — by understanding the Law of Gravity, man can devise various means to escape its limitations.   Moreover, in the case of space travel, man can harness the very force of gravity as a means of propulsion — i.e., when man made the journey to the moon, he used the rockets propulsion to break free of the earth’s gravity, and then the moon’s gravity to draw him in that direction.   In much the same way, by understanding the Higher Laws which control all movements and realities of this world, the Deists possessed the knowledge to not only overcome the limitations of these Laws — but to utilize the force of the Laws to bring about their own Enlightenment.  

In the same way that the law of gravity affects every movement and what man experiences upon the face of the earth, what the Deists portrayed as the Laws of Nature and Nature’s God, intimately orchestrates all of man’s successes and failures.   If you jump up to escape the earth’s gravity, as your body becomes airborne it will initially appear that you have achieved success.   That is until your momentum is arrested by the force of gravity working upon you, and you find your efforts negated.   What is true of gravity is also true of all the Laws — but in order to bring about the necessary learning experiences through which mankind evolves, the results of man’s efforts in conjunction with the Laws are not as immediate as with the case of gravity.    Once understood, mostly all of man’s efforts are initially supported by the Laws — much like the initial success of jumping up and using one’s natural strength to have both of one’s feet off the ground.   And while the force of gravity will very quickly cause us to become subject to the Laws and lose upward momentum before we fall back to the earth, other Laws are designed to respond back to us in a more gradual cycle.   And this is necessary in order for our efforts to evolve and the opportunity for the initial movement to be built upon and compounded, in order to bring about our greater learning experience.     All movements of man not only initiate the Laws — but are subject to the trials of the Laws as the movement or endeavor which man initially invokes, evolves through the steps that are at first supported by the Laws, and then subject to the sustaining tests which are brought into being when the Laws were initially invoked.    The Laws, therefore, are imbued with a natural resistance to man’s movements and endeavors, in order to test the validity of his movements.    

If an embryo were to be thrust out of its mother’s womb one month after conception, then the embryo would very quickly perish because it could not sustain life apart from its mother during that early stage of development.   When the fetus has developed to the degree where it can sustain life outside the mother’s womb, it is at that point that natural labor and the process of birth is begun.   In much the same way, this world is very much the womb of Mother-earth — and the Laws are designed to develop the person-fetus and test for Wholeness and Completion.    Therefore, if a movement, effort or endeavor of man lacks Wholeness, the Laws are designed to turn man’s efforts back upon themselves, in the form of a Cosmic Bio-Feedback machine that enables man to learn from his mistakes and misplaced efforts.   And it is this Living Bio-Feedback essence of the Laws, that insures the failure of half-hearted or incomplete efforts.    Wise men who were often enlightened to the all-encompassing structure of mathematics — i.e., Pythagoras, Gurdjieff and others — foresaw the atomic reality that is only now unfolding in the discoveries of Quantum Physics.   Wise men who understood the esoteric reality of the Laws, have long pointed to the example of the Law of Octaves which systematically permits the building up of an initial effort, and then tests it to either divert it back upon itself, or permit it to move onto the next sequence (see The Law Of Octaves).