C3.13. The Holographic Pattern Of The Twelve Within The One

The reality that both our modern faith-based religions and the pseudo-intellectuals fail to understand, was that if the proper conditions were present, the Laws would bring about a higher reality among the people — and this is crucial to even begin to understand both the success of the American people, and what the critics of the United States often condemn as the concept of American Exceptionalism.   Enlightened Spiritual Seekers have all witnessed to mankind that Creation is imbued with a Divine Pattern that is holographic — i.e., as above, so below — and that the Pattern, or Spiritual DNA of Creation, is replicated into each of the lower aspects that are part of Creation.   In the same way that a single-cell embryo when in proper balance within the womb, will produce the pattern of the seven spiritual centers embodied in the glands, and the  twelve spheres of mind which embody the organs as portrayed in the Tree of Life within the fetus — it is also true that under the proper conditions, the Laws that control all things in this world (the Laws of Nature and Nature’s God), will (re)produce this same pattern among the people — and within a nation — and it is this holographic pattern that brings about the success often associated with American Exceptionalism.    And in comprehending the Laws, Deists such as Franklin and Thomas Paine understood that if you created the proper environmental conditions, that not only the necessary expansion of mind would be brought about by the Laws, but also great success which the world could not bring about under the European forms of government.   But in order for the Laws (of God and Creation) to work to man’s greatest benefit, the people had to be free of restraint by both church and state.    In the same way that the human father does not directly intervene in the development of the fetus that is forming within the womb of his wife — and that once the initial Laws are satisfied that resulted in conception, the evolutionary expansion of the fetus is brought about by the Laws — the same is true with respect to an individual, as well as a nation that can manifest the necessary environment for the Laws to bring about the evolution of the people within the nation.    And it was for this important reason that the federal government was limited to the protection of the nation from outside attackers, and to promote and regulate commerce between the states.    That the central federal government has been able to overstep its bounds, is because of the failure of the Supreme Court, as well as the ignorance of the Laws on the part of our political and religious leaders.   

What is central to the “…heightening and enlargement of human consciousness”, is the development of the twelve spheres of mind which, by their very nature, are often paradoxical opposites that perceive the world differently — and it is in these great differences that are often in conflict with one another, that the depth, heightening and expansion of mind is brought about.    Thus, the primary Constitutional purpose and obligation of government, is to secure the rights of one individual and/or group to think and live differently — without interference — from being dominated and in any manner diminished by the other schools of thought.    But in order to accomplish this ultra-important purpose, the government itself must not be permitted to be entangled or in support of any of the groups or schools of thought.   

As Deists and Gnostics who understood the Laws of Creation which they portrayed as the Laws of Nature and Nature’s God, the inner core of our Constitutional framers understood this “…heightening and enlargement of human consciousness” was impossible under a monarchy, a dictator, an imperial regime, or under what has come to be known as Communism, Socialism, a Theocracy, or any type of government where the leaders could dictate the thinking and lifestyle of the people.    The total failure of Marxism — whether it takes the form of Communism, Socialism, Secular Progressivism or even linear intellectualism that is taught in our systems of education — is demonstrated in the fact that the central government obstructs the natural workings of the Laws as portrayed in the words, The Laws of Nature and Natures God, and this obstruction of the natural workings of the Laws has the effect of suppressing the development of the twelve spheres of mind, which totally inhibits the necessary “…heightening and enlargement of human consciousness”.