C3.15. The Foundational Laws Of the US Constitution — Deist And Mason Influence — Field Of Dreams

On the seal of the United States is the words: E pluribus unum — which in Latin means: “Out of many one”.    And Oneness which was envisioned by the framers of our Constitutional form of government, like the word Wholeness, is simply no longer understood by the people of our modern cultural world.    More than anything else, the Deists and Masons who guided the formation of our government, understood the Laws of Creation — and the fact that the One, must be formed from the many that dwell in an evolved state of harmonic holographic balance.   Thus, they understood the very Pattern of Laws that form the foundational bedrock of Creation, and how these Laws bring about the development of the mind, and the Ultimate Destiny of mankind.   From the One is born the many — and if the many can evolve into One, great success can be achieved.  

The Embryonic Pattern: Using the pattern of the body which is holographically imbued with the Divine Pattern of all of Creation, all that develops is through the interaction of the paradoxical opposite polarities of male and female essence that comprises the One Primary Cell — and within the One is the potential of the third-force that evolves into a complex organism.    If the proper initial balance of male/female essence is not present — or the necessary interaction and balanced development is suppressed or negated, then the embryo is aborted through a miscarriage.   Innate in the primary pattern of the male/female chromosomal essence that makes up each cell, is a third-force balance that interacts both physically and etherically with the Laws, to form the complex structure of the body that enables it to evolve into a suitable vehicle for the mind and spirit to manifest.   Allegorically, the twelve disciples of Jesus represents the twelve spheres of mind that are portrayed in the diagram of the Tree of Life.   The seven primary cities through which Jesus and his disciples allegorically traveled, are representative of the seven spiritual centers that is the source of vital life-force that animates the body and mind.   What is allegorically portrayed as the work of healing and miracles presented in the Gospel accounts, is the overcoming of the Laws that brings Wholeness to the seeker/disciple.   That as a Deist, Thomas Jefferson knew that the portrayed miracles of the Gospels was allegorical — and not at all historical — and this is one of the primary reasons why Jefferson removed the miracle-accounts from what is known as the Jefferson Bible.   Jefferson understood that in taking the focus off the important teachings that were literally conveyed in the Sermon on the Mount, the Christian world was in most instances embracing the Gospel for all the wrong reasons.  

What is allegorically presented in the scriptures is the development of the mind and the transformation of the seeker/disciple that evolves them into a state of Wholeness and Completion.   This process of development was initially portrayed in the Old Testament where the twelve spheres of mind are allegorically presented as tribes — i.e., tribes equals the portrayal of a condition where each of the spheres of mind exist in a state of division and confusion — divided condition that must be overcome in order to achieve the necessary singular state of the twelve (disciples) that is portrayed in the Gospels.    The core Deists who understood the language of the soul with which the allegorical text of the scriptures are imbued, understood that an Enlightened People can only exist when this same pattern of mind is manifest across the spectrum of a nation of people who practice the concepts of liberty, freedom and justice for all.   Thus, the greatest threat to enlightenment, is a strong central government or ruling theocracy that attempts to homogenize the thinking of the people.  @@@DEIST

Freedom of thought and the liberty to live in accord with one’s beliefs is essential to the development of the mind in its journey on the path of seeking enlightenment.   Thomas Jefferson noted that: “Ignorance is preferable to error, and he is less remote from the truth who believes nothing than he who believes what is wrong” (Notes on Virginia, 1782).    Once a powerful central government or theocracy affirms a doctrine of belief as being true, then the people who live under the rule and authority of such a church or state, are no longer free to evolve their thinking beyond ordained limits.   As an example: If Jesus was not God incarnate, as the Church was forced to believe while under the rule of Imperial Rome, then everything built upon that foundation was, and is, and remains, equally in error.    The doctrine itself promotes a whole system of beliefs that inhibit the necessary development of mind that engenders a mindset that has the potential to become the “good ground” in the parable of the Sower and the Seed.   Causing the mind of the believer to become mentally impotent and spiritually flat-lined.    In our modern day, the adherence to the Darwinist Theory of Evolution has a similar effect upon the thinking and life of those who embrace the spiritually barren mindset that is an outgrowth of this foundational belief that is literally forced upon the nation’s school children.    

In the same way that Plato taught that the Logos exists within the mind of all of mankind (see Logos) — and that Jesus taught that there is only One Teacher that all of mankind must seek (see True Prophet) — within the inner core of what is known as the Age Of Enlightenment, existed people who sought the Divine Knowledge of the Inner Kingdom, and they successfully tapped into this Inner Source of Knowledge.    And as with all people who walk the Gnostic path, they could not speak openly to others of their experiences as they came into the presence of their higher soul and spiritual natures.   Perhaps a perfect example of the fate of those who openly opposed the Church and/or state-church alliances, is the case of Giordano Bruno who was burned at the stake for rejecting the doctrine that Jesus was God incarnate.