C4.01: The Spiritual Life — The Threefold Process of Birth

The Spiritual Life: Returning to the Near Death Experience (NDE) which was noted and explored prior to the foregoing examination of Deism and the Constitutional protection of the practice of religion: While the pseudo-intellectuals who support Darwinism present their theory of an oxygen starved brain, the government educational systems permit them to promote this theory to the exclusion of those who have actually had an NDE, because  their oxygen starved brain theory is necessary to support the whole structure of Darwinism in the classroom.   Yet, in their refusal to rationally examine the facts, they are in effect slamming the door to developing the mind beyond organic limitations — thereby depriving the students of any real opportunity to advance and possess the unbounded intellectual knowledge and reason which our Constitutional forefathers portrayed as opening the door to, from the above Deist perspective, a  “…(religious) truth [which] can be determined using reason and observation of the natural world”.   If what the Deists proposed is true — and man has the power to develop his mind to the point where he can overcome the ignorance associated with the undeveloped organic mind of man — then the suppression and censorship by our modern government, is one of the cruelest acts known to man.      

What facts are being suppressed?   In addition to the more common Near Death Experiences where one sees their departed relatives and friends in an afterlife, there have been a number of people who have had an NDE and recognized that while in that bodiless state, they knew what they portrayed as the secrets of creation — and once back in the body, they could only remember that when they were released from the body, they knew and understood with a clarity what they had never experienced before at any time in this life.    Yet, they also recognized that once the body was resuscitated, and the mind became reconnected to the physical body and brain, they no longer possessed this higher knowledge and awareness — and they were only able to recall that while out of the body and detached from the brain, they knew many of the secrets of life that has perpetually plagued man throughout the ages he has walked the face of the earth.   

The primary objective of the Gospel teachings of TheWay was to bring about those conditions and environment in the body that would permit the person to know and understand the higher Truths that Paul warns are incomprehensible to organic man (see Mystery Of The Gospel).   In the same way that those who began to understand with a new and greater clarity when they were free of the body-environment, lost this knowledge once the body was resuscitated and they were again linked to the physical, the whole application of the Gospel teachings and the spiritual practice of religion, is the preparation and eventual transformation of the physical body and organic consciousness to become an spiritualized environment and vehicle capable of bringing about the necessary subsequent stages of birth that Jesus said was necessary to enter the Kingdom.   Therefore, one of the primary objectives of living the spiritual life that Jesus taught, was to bring this condition of enlightenment about, while still in the body-vessel.   It is therefore important to recognize that those Christians who called themselves Orthodox — who very much lived in accord with the culture and thinking of their timeframe — did not at all live the Spiritual Life that was embraced by the most immediate disciples and followers of Jesus and the teachings of TheWay.   Therefore, in accord with Jesus’ own witness and teachings, it was impossible for those who called themselves Orthodox Christians, to possess the knowledge of the Spiritual Christian who sought the higher reality of the soul and the Gnosis of the Kingdom.    And in like manner, it was impossible for the Pharisees to possess this Sacred Knowledge — just as it is impossible for the vast majority of people in our modern time to possess this Sacred Knowledge — just as it is impossible for Atheists and even those who modern man calls authorities, to possess this Sacred Knowledge.